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Retailer Statements on GM Salmon, Canada

The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network solicited public statements from Canada’s largest grocery chains, to clarify store policy on the sale of genetically modified (GM or genetically engineered) salmon for consumers. Unless otherwise specified, the statements refer to seafood counters in grocery stores.

Please consider writing to the head office of your grocery store to ask them if they are selling or will be selling GM salmon. Please send us their response. The below statements will need to be constantly checked and updated. Thank you for your action.


“Costco does not intend to sell genetically modified salmon.” (September 2017)

“Costco does not sell or plan to sell GMO salmon at any of our locations.” (March 2019)



Federated Co-operatives Ltd

“We do not purchase, nor do we offer for sale any genetically modified salmon products, with no future plans.” (September 2017)


IGA (Owned by Sobeys)

“At IGA, we order only non-GMO salmon from our suppliers, even though genetically modified salmon is legal and approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).” (September 2017)



“Loblaw does not sell or actively source GM salmon for our fresh fish counters, or for our control brand processed and frozen salmon products.” (September 2017)

“We currently have no plans to sell GMO salmon.” (March 2019)



“Longos doesn’t carry any GMO Fish (including Salmon).  We have no future plans to carry any in the future.” (October 2019)

“Our current salmon supplier does not include genetically modified salmon in our assortment, please see the attached letter from our supplier.” (September 2017)



“Metro does not currently sell GMO salmon and does not plan on selling any in the future. We are currently in the process of revising our Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture policy and will be adding a section on GMO salmon. We will make a copy available to CBAN as soon as it is available. Our current policy can be found here: https://www.metro.ca/en/products-to-discover/fish-seafood/our-sustainable-fisheries-policy.” (September 2017)


Overwaitea Food Groups

“We have no plans to carry the genetically engineered salmon in our stores.” (August 2017)



“At this time, Sobeys Inc. has no intention of selling GM salmon in our stores. We are confident that our customer needs are being met with our existing selection of salmon.” (November 2017)


Walmart Canada

“GM salmon is not currently available in our stores; we have never offered GM salmon to our customers. At this time, Walmart has no plans to sell GM salmon.” (September 2017)

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