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Not Substantially Equivalent: CBAN challenges Health Canada to reassess its 2001 approval of a GM corn.

Bags of GM non-browning apple slices sold in some U.S. stores – Will it come to Canada?

GM Food Labeling: Bill C-291 in debate at the House of Commons this March. Join us in action to get mandatory labeling of GM foods.

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Mega-mergers between the world’s largest seeds and pesticides companies would mean unprecedented corporate control.

Farmers are on the alert: Some GM alfalfa sold in 2016 for the first time in Canada.

Herbicide use set to increase even more with the introduction of genetically modified 2,4-D- and dicamba-resistant crops.


Do we need GM crops to feed the world? – A CBAN exclusive report

GMOs at a Glance – Facts to help you engage with your MP

CBAN’s Quick Guide to GM Foods – A pamphlet for sharing

GM Apples and GM Apple Trees in Canada: Market status update for growers – A CBAN factsheet

Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

Il y a 20 ans, le gouvernement canadien approuvait les premiers organismes génétiquement modifies. Cependant, plusieurs questions quant à leurs impacts sur la santé, sur l’environnement et sur l’économie restent sans réponse.

Les six rapports l’Enquête OGM réalisée par CBAN explorent ces questions essentielles et étudient les véritables impacts et risques des organismes génétiquement modifiés (OGM) au Canada.

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