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Farm Income Crisis

CBAN is committed to working with the National Farmers Union to address the underlying causes of the current farm income crisis. This includes work to strengthen and protect current programs that give farmers power in the marketplace such as the Canadian Wheat Board.

Over the past five years, farmers in Canada have experienced the worst farm income drop in history. In addition to their deepening dependence on farm debt – which now exceeds $52 billion – the majority of family farmers in Canada rely heavily on off-farm income to keep their operations afloat. Meanwhile, corporate agribusiness is recording its largest profits in history. The underlying cause of the farm income crisis is the unequal market power of corporations compared to farmers. – National Farmers Union

See the National Farmers Union for detailed reports and submissions to Parliamentary Committees.

See also CBAN Members Union Paysanne and the Ecological Farrmers Association of Ontario.

The number of farms on the Prairies has decreased 51% and average farm size has increased by 119% in the past 50 years. (Statistics Canada)