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Ontario Farmers Take Action

Meet the two farmers who have asked the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario to take up a review of genetically engineered herbicide tolerant alfalfa.

Email Your Premier Instantly From Here!

July 2013: Genetically modified alfalfa is not yet on the market in Canada but this could change soon. Alfalfa is an important crop for family farmers and for the production of many organic foods. On July 25, two Ontario farmers submitted a formal request for an environmental assessment of GM alfalfa. You can support them and farmers across Canada by writing to your Premier today! Just click on your province to send an instant email. Thank you!

Application for Review

Application for Review: Under Part IV, Environmental Bill of Rights, Ontario, Request for Environmental Assessment of Genetically Engineered Roundup Ready Alfalfa, “Question 4: A summary of the evidence that supports our Application for Review” Submitted to the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, July 2013

Application File for Public Distribution RRA July 2013.pdf575.41 kB

September Action Handout

Take action this month in Ontario! Share this handout in your community and ask people to take action to stop GM alfalfa. Thank you! – Prints double sided, cut to quarter page handout, 4 per page. Prints in colour or black and white.

Decision Summary: Request for Environmental Assessment of GM Alfalfa

Environmental Bill of Rights Application for Review, Decision Summary, October 2013.

ECO Comment on GE Alfalfa 2014

Except on genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Annual Report 2013/2014 “Managing New Challenges” October 7, 2014 page 58-62. Click here to read the full report.