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Correspondance with government on regulation

The below are letters between CBAN and various government departments. For context please see CBAN’s GMO Inquiry report “Are GM Crops and Foods Well Regulated?” or contact us.

Letter from Health Canada re: GE fish assessment

In response to the November 14, 2013 letter from the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, re: “Is Health Canada assessing a GE fish for approval?”

November 27, 2013 to the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network


Minister of Health on assessment of stacked traits

Response to Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, Oct 7, 2009.


CFIA President to CBAN on Biotechnology Notices of Submission

September 6, 2012. ( In response CBAN’s letter )


CBAN’s letter to the CFIA re: Biotechnology Notices of Submission

“The CFIA should be deeply embarrassed at having wasted Canadian’s time guessing as to the contents of the submission from Okanagan Specialty Fruits while the U.S. government released substantive information just days after the CFIA process ended.”


CBAN comments on the GM apple to CFIA

As per the Biotechnology Notices of Submission. July 2, 2013


Letter re: assessment of stacked trait products

Response to CBAN – 2009.